Enterprise Community Healthy Start

How to Refer a Client

Enterprise Community Healthy Start is a partnership program. We partner and collaborate with medical personnel, county health departments, community and social agencies, schools, and the faith community. The goal of these collaborative partnerships is to ensure babies are born healthy and to improve the health and well-being of women, infants, children and their families.

There is no charge for Healthy Start services. Services are open to anyone who is pregnant. Services include but are not limited to: community-wide education (*see education calendar), patient specific education, women’s discussion groups, fathers’ groups, a community action network, and case-management services.

A case-managed patient has the services of case manager and patient advocate who work with the woman and her families up to 2 years after delivery. This service includes home visits, personalized education about health care, pregnancy, family planning, infant care, growth and development, use of community resources, and working with your health care providers.

Who May Be Referred To Healthy Start For Case Management Services?

  • Women who are pregnant including a high risk pregnancy (ex- history of premature labor, previous premature birth, twin pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, history or previous stillbirth, etc).
  • Women with a chronic medical condition who are pregnant or have recently delivered, (ex- diabetes, heart disease, sickle cell disease, chronic high blood pressure).
  • Teenage mothers or pregnant teens less than 15 years of age.
  • Teenage mothers or pregnant teens 17 years of age who have had a prior pregnancy.
  • Infants who were born prematurely and/or have ongoing medical needs.
  • Infants who are NICU.

Who can refer a patient for Healthy Start Case Management services?

  • The pregnant or newly delivered woman herself.
  • Primary care provider- (OB, Midwife, Family physician, pediatrician).
  • Hospital staff- (OB department, NICU, Emergency Room staff).
  • Department of Family and Children Services staff

How can someone refer a patient for Healthy Start Case Management Services?

Call the main Healthy Start office at- 1-800-982-3728 and provide the following information if available:

  1. Your name, your contact information
  2. Mother’s name and contact information, including address and telephone number.
  • Pregnant
  • County of residence (Burke and McDuffie Counties)

 All patients have the right to refuse participation in Healthy Start Case Management Services.