Enterprise Community Healthy Start

About Us

In 1991, the Healthy Start Initiative was founded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Maternal and Child Health Bureau to support programs to reduce infant mortality, based on the thought that community-driven ideas were needed to attack the causes of infant death and low birth weight, especially among high-risk populations. Healthy Start focuses on the need to strengthen and enhance community systems of maternal and infant care and works with communities to address the medical, behavioral, social service, and cultural needs of women and infantsHealthy Start supports communities to provide community-based, culturally- sensitive, family-centered, comprehensive perinatal services to women, infants, and their families and to integrate these services into existing perinatal systems of care. This mission requires reaching beyond the well-being of newborns to address the well-being and empowerment of mothers, fathers, families, and entire communities. We respect and respond to all individuals with honesty and confidentiality in hopes to promote healthy patient/client relationships.

Our Mission

To reduce low birth weight, preterm delivery, and infant mortality through improvement of infant health and women's health before, during, and after pregnancy through two years post delivery in Burke and McDuffie counties.

We are here to serve you while improving outreach education. We strongly encourage contact with health education, social services providers and agencies in addition to home visitation contact between the patient and nurse. The choice is up to you!